11 Ways to Better Understand Your Audience

A buyer persona is your audience, the specific type of person you want to reach with your content.

Below are 11 questions you can use for developing a BP (there might be multiple BP’s within one company and not necessarily people who just buy). I've written in my BP for a Crescendo user. 


Who is this person? What problems do they have?

This person is a Crestron integrator/programmer. One of their greatest problems is having to start their code from scratch with each new project they acquire.

What goals does this person have?

This guy wants to do a great job for both his boss and client. He wants to make money and as much of it as possible. He wants to save time and not have to do repetitive tasks over and over.

What problems do we solve for them?

Crescendo solves or alleviates all of this guy’s problems. We’ve created a free open source platform for him to jump off of with each new project, saving him time. By saving time, he then gets to take on more projects, thus making him more money. His boss is happy with him for being more productive and profitable.

What action do we want him to take?

We want him to use Crescendo, tell his boss and colleagues about Crescendo, and post about Crescendo on social media.

Why are we the right fit? (Who are our competitors?)

We have no competitors. We are a right fit through time saving software, however there may be some resistance since this hasn’t been done before.

Where are they as far as channels? (This is an ongoing question)

Most likely email, Facebook, and Google+.

What will I use to market to this buyer persona?

Other blogs, our blog, word of mouth through current Adelyte employees, Crestron supporting it would be a dream come true.

What keywords and phrases is my buyer using to look for me? (What are people typing into google to find us or someone like us?)

Probably nothing in relation to Crescendo directly. Indirectly, tricks/software on how to better use Crestron.

What level of resistance will the buyer put up?

Possibly a lot even though it's free. I think it might be a generational thing. Ages 40 and under will most likely be excited about this. Ages over 40 may have doubts or offer resistance. On the other hand, everyone is in technology, so they should be excited about a new product?

What’s the pitch? (What are we trying to get them to do?)

We are trying to get them to use Crescendo and implement it into their entire way of doing things.

  • Collaborate with Crestron on making a page for Crescendo on their site
  • Get an email list (like MailChimp) when blog launches for occasional email marketing/newsletters
  • Could we just directly visit or email Crestron about Crescendo?

Be where your audience is:

  • Social media
  • Quora (question site)
  • Reddit
  • Google Alerts 
  • BuzzSumo (similar to GA)
  • Curate other people’s content (That means they really care about their audience. They’re saying, look at them, not look at me.)
  • Create community discussion with your audience

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