A/V Industry Newsletter 2015-07-21


A Lot of Engineers Are Pissed at Apple’s HomeKit Right Now


Lloyd Alter compares the current SHaaS market to the days before the iPod in this insightful article: “With devices using different formats for connection, terrible interface design and complex setups...it’s still at the nerd level, and people are having trouble figuring out what it can do for them.” Alter then goes on to write about Apple’s HomeKit, and why it’s taking them so long to get it to market. Ever the control-freak, Apple is making all of the IoT companies comply with their technological demands such as Apple-certified chips and firmware, Kieren McCarthy writes. So a lot of engineers are having to reconstruct their entire product lines. #Awesome


CentraLite Possibly Making a Home Automation Hub for Lowe’s Iris?

Lowe’s Iris originally launched with the help of AlertMe in 2012. CEPro has recently found documents indicating that CentraLite could be collaborating with Lowe’s. CentraLite is denying these claims. Other possible Lowe’s match-ups are Zonoff and Icontrol.


Wink and Quirky are Dead Broke

Despite Wink selling an estimated $25 million this year, the company has gone through $170 million. Ben Kaufman, Wink/Quirky’s CEO, is currently scrambling to raise $15 million in order to keep both companies alive. Kaufman says Wink’s major problem was big box partners making financial demands that were difficult to make good margins in. Wink is in over 300,000 homes, and will continue to work rather the the business dies or not.


ADT Pulse Integrates with Nest

As of July 21st, 2015, ADT Pulse has officially integrated with Nest. ADT Pulse customers can now manage Nest through ADT. “ADT is the premier company in the home security space and like Nest, they care about keeping customers safe and comfortable,” said Ben Bixby, Head of Energy and Enterprise Programs, Nest. “By working together, we are making it possible for ADT customers to conveniently manage their comfort...from one app.”


700 Million Smart Appliances Launching within the Next 5 Years

According to Media Post, the size of “the connected white-goods market is projected to grow from fewer than one million units shipped last year to 223 million units within five years.” This includes everything from air-conditioners to rice cookers. The manufacturers around the IoT are now wanting to make sure that all these things can effectively communicate with one another. Three factors will impact the smart appliance field- energy management initiatives, marketplace dynamics like prices, and standards of interoperability.


Savant Discontinues LiteTouch

Savant, who bought Litetouch from Nortek in 2012, has announced that LiteTouch will be discontinued. Lutron has stepped in and is working with Savant to try to replace all of the LiteTouch systems. Savant will officially stop selling LiteTouch on September 30th.


Next Big Things are at Consumer Electronics Week

  • For Pet Lovers: Petzi Treat Cam will let you see your beloveds through a camera and a touch of a button will dispense treats.
  • For Audiophiles: Pulse has created an app music system⸺speakers and all⸺inside of a lightbulb.
  • For the Sleepy: RestOn has created a strap that records how long it takes you to get to sleep, your heart rate, and if you stopped breathing.
  • For the Remote Control Hog: Singlecue universal remote can be controlled through hand motions alone.
  • For Every Kid Out There: Meccano has created a Macanoid maker system for a robot that will walk, tell jokes, mimic your motions, and is almost 4 feet tall. 

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