A/V Industry Newsletter 2015-08-30


AMX CEO, Rashid Skaf, Resigns 

Harman’s VP of Global Marketing, Erik Tarkiainen Skaf, leaked the resignation of Rashid Skaf to rAVe. Mr. Skaf was the CEO of AMX and left his position on Friday, 2015-08-28.


GitHub Names Kakul Srivastava VP of Product 

Previously Srivastava worked at Yahoo for seven years, eventually becoming an Executive. She then worked at Slack and launched Tomfoolery.

“With so many using GitHub, there’s significant wisdom built in to all of that collaboration,” she said. “We want to use that to make the system better for programmers, but also to launch new things that haven’t existed before.”


Click to see on machine sensor values in real time via iPad 


Google Launches Smart Home Hub Called “OnHub” 

Kayye reports that OnHub looks identical to Amazon’s “Echo”. The hub integrates Weave and Thread. Thier biggest threats are Apple’s HomeKit, Echo, Control4 and Crestron.


IoT Could Help Firefighters Save More Lives 

Millions of fires kill thousands of lives every year. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) have prepared a roadmap that could save thousands of lives by using CPS and IoT.

"The ultimate aim of the roadmap is to enable real-time delivery of useful information before, during and after a fire incident or other emergency—to get actionable intelligence to the first responders who need it, when they need it," explained Anthony Hamins, the head of NIST's Fire Research Division.

The roadmap is reliant on computer controlled management systems. The ideal situation for firefighters would be being able to review building drawings and floor plans and accessing security cameras.

Data sent and captured by buildings and firefighters clothes could also detect hazardous materials, monitor temperature, and track the location and health condition of responders.


Dish’s Hopper DVR has integrated with Four Major Players 


What Does Your Alphabet Look Like? 

We received the following results after taking the quiz: “A is for average [and Adelyte]. You picked a safe, solid, and steadily profitable Google. Investors love you. Larry and Sergey won't return your calls.”



Engineering Still Makes College Grads More Money Than Anything Else 

13 of the 15 highest paying majors straight out of college are engineering based, according to the 2015-2016 PayScale Report.

The highest paying major is Petroleum Engineering at a mid-career annual salary of $168K. The lowest is tied between Mining and Computer Engineering at $109K.

While the STEM field is highly lucrative, 48% of bachelor degree students and 69% of associate degree students who entered majors between 2003-2009 had left by 2009. This has resulted in many STEM employers having trouble finding people for careers.


Which AV Personality Type Are You? 

The Architect

The Business Person

The Communicator

The Deliverer


ScanSource Acquires KBZ 

ScanSource announced on 2015-08-19 that they would be acquiring KBZ, a Cisco authorized dealer.

Owner and founder of KBZ, Ken Zorzi, will retire.

His son, Kyle, has been promoted to Senior Vice President of KBZ, a now ScanSource company.

KBZ’s revenues from the last 12 months are estimated to be over $225 million. KBZ is the AV industry's largest Cisco distributor.

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