A/V Industry Newsletter 2015-10-09

Goldman Sachs Made an Infographic Named “What Is the Internet of Things?”

Behold the beauty.

Curricula is Disrupting Cyber Security Awareness

Atlanta Tech Village recently interviewed Nick Santora, founder of cyber security company, Curricula. Through Curricula, cyber security teachings are sent through a SaaS subscription. Santora started the company after experiencing the drudgery of clicking through pointless power-points about security awareness and training one too many times.


Denise Harrison of PSNI Dies

Harrison died of cancer on 2014-10-05. Harrison was the Marketing Director, and spent the greater part of her life working within the systems integrations space. Though Harrison didn’t know anyone who went missing, she was very passionate about helping missing people be found through Project Jason.


Crestron Appoints New Operations Manager, Harry Doms

Doms will be based in Belgium and has over 25 years of experience in the operations arena. Doms is responsible for operations activity, supervising purchasing, maintaining quality control as well as identifying customer needs and forecasting new trends in the market to ensure the company stays ahead of the competition,” according to AV Interactive.


Choose AV and Security Creates a Dream Golfer’s Getaway

Choose AV and Security installed a high-end golf system featuring JC Video’s swing analysis software in a client’s basement. They also built an observation deck where people can gather in the custom-designed wine room while watching a 65-inch Panasonic TV.

Choose AV and Security won the silver award in the Best Before and After category in Electronic House’s Home of the Year awards. Check out pictures of the completed project here.


InfoComm Makes “Education AV Should be Exceptional” Infographic

AV plays an increasingly important role in how colleges educate students and students gain knowledge. The right combination of content, space and technology turns an educational experience into an exceptional experience, according to InfoComm.


Amazon Launches AWT IoT Platform

Amazon brought out two partners, BMW and John Deere, that their new product is supposed to help at the re:Invent conference on 2015-10-08.

The new Amazon product can count every single seed that a John Deere tractor can plow, helping farmers keep track of their planting inventory. BMW will now be able to track the way its’ customers drive, therefore knowing what areas of the car they need to make safer. Will this product be preinstalled on every car or will drivers be able to opt out if they want?


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