A/V Industry Newsletter 2015-10-26



New CEDIA CEO Vincent Bruno talks to CEPro

Vincent Bruno is famous for returning calls and emails the same day they’re delivered. As CEDIA’s new CEO he’s gone a step further by putting his real phone number on his business card.

“You’re welcome to publish it,” he confirms. “I have nothing better to do than to talk to our members. I return every phone call and email on the same day – the same day may be 11.59 p.m., but I don’t let the day pass without at least acknowledging the request, the comment or the concern. I want to speak to everyone who has something to say that can help us improve what we are doing and I acknowledge every recommendation and concern.”

Many people walked up to Bruno at CEDIA in disparity when classes filled up so fast that they couldn’t get it. Bruno walked them in personally so that they could at least get standing room. Looks like CEDIA couldn’t be in better hands.


CEDIA Attendance Booms

CEDIA was extremely successful this year, exhibiting a 16% attendance increase among integrators. CEDIA first time attendees provided the biggest spurt however, growing 33% this year.

“I was blown away by the community that exists in this space – people are willing to talk with you and connect you with others in their network. I’ve never seen anything like that before in any other industry,” said first-time attendee Ellis Thomas.

124 new exhibitors joined the floor as well, to great results.

“Dallas is a new draw for people we haven’t gotten to talk with before,” said Ron Maurer, executive vice president for Current Audio. “More than anything, we’ve gotten more good, quality leads on our first day of the show than we ever have.”



Savant Launches App and new Remote Control

Savant has come on the scene with an app much like Nest. This one however controls everything that Savant controls- lights, thermostats, TV’s, and security systems.

Savant is also launching a $499 remote that will be sold to the masses at Best Buy. It’s a double edged sword- where does this leave an integrator who would normally do such a thing? On the other hand, maybe consumers will get a taste of the home control world and call their local integrator, wanting more, something they may have never done in the first place.


Watch this interview with Jason Wright talking about his new product, SlatePlan


SnapAV Buys SunBrite

SnapAV will completely take over selling SunBriteTV products by the end of this year. SnapAV has also promised to dealers that they’re going to see lower prices and will receive free shipping when they buy directly from SnapAV.

“This acquisition represents a commitment that we’re making to the outdoors,” Heyman said. “While it’s our first major acquisition, it’s really just business as usual in terms of listening to our dealers and taking action based on what they tell us.”


You Can’t Google Receiving a Fist-Bump

Sidorowicz counters the folks that say everything you see at CEDIA you could’ve just googled to save time and money. Chief among them? Building relationships. After becoming an ADI Elite this year, Sidorowicz’s company was invited to the ADI Elite party along with higher ups and Harman. When sound issues arose, one of Sidorowicz’s techs went up to the council and fixed the issue. This received a slew of fist-bump’s from Harman people, and helped forge a dialogue about future projects.


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