A/V Industry Newsletter 2015-11-23

Julie Jacobson thinks Thread is Making a Big Mistake

Thread is now stamping all of their “thread certified” home automation products with their logo. However, not all of their products work together.

Jacobson writes, 

“The customer asks a Blue Shirt or Orange Apron: “Does this light bulb work with that door lock?”
The associate responds: “They must. They both have the Thread logo.”
You know the rest of the story from there.”


Tim Rogers, CEO of Tivo, will step down as CEO on January 31st, 2015


Zaheer Alli has been appointed to the Northeast sales territory of Meridian America


Christophe Malsot will head Crestron’s new office in Madrid, Spain


Cisco is buying Acano for $700M


When it comes to AV commoditization, no one is better at devaluing services than AV dealers themselves. Who else would chase a project that represents one-third of their annual business for single digit returns? Who else would price a job based on what the customer is willing to pay instead of what the project is worth? And, who else would respond to the previous statement by saying a job is only worth what the customer is willing to pay? Thank goodness for a strong economy, so we can have a conversation about dynamic pricing.
—Tim Stinson


6 New Workbooks for AV/IT managers


Speakerlab of Seattle is probably closing its’ doors




Cutest AV video you will see all week:

This is an oldie but a goodie. I found this video of John Sciacca's daughter, Lauryn, presenting the Kaleidescape Kid’s Remote from his latest blog post.



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