Acccording to One AV Dealer, This Is the Best Cargo Van on the Market


The AV industry has had a low hum of excitement about purchasing new vehicles lately. Spring and summer are popular times to make high-end purchases, and it’s no different in the AV/IT industry. Industry vet, Randy Massey, is no exception. He recently bought a new van for his home theater company, Electronic Home.

“I had the Nissan NV200 2014 before my new van. The rattles were driving me crazy. There were also tire pressure issues and the CVT transmission was going out. There were a lot of spots in alleys and driveways that were narrow for us and really tight fits. Plus in that van Jack’s [Jack McKenney, Operations Manager at EH] shoulders and mine would touch.” Both men are 6’4 ex-football players.

When Randy knew it was time for a change, he considered other vehicles before he found the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van.

“I looked at the new Ford Transit Connect, but it wasn't much different than the NV200, so, I then looked at the new Ford Transit and it is more the size of the Mercedes Sprinter which is too large for many parking garages, plus, we already have the Nissan NV2500 Cargo which is large and tall like these.”

The Mercedes Metris really stood out for all the small features that make a big difference at the end of an integrator’s busy day. Despite the price-tag, it’s been worth it.



“The Mercedes Metris Cargo Van 2016 is almost twice as expensive as the Nissan. I just got a bug to get a new one. I'm happier. We can carry so much more in it. Our 8 foot ladder fits inside, no problem. We have easily carried 2 75" TV's along with 3 65" TV's and 4 AV receivers and still had room for our tools and a ladder! My only complaint is that if they had had diesel I would've gotten it. We're averaging 22+mpg around town on regular gas and hit 25 mpg the one time I've taken it on a longer trip. I love the lift up tailgate instead of a two-door in the back because a 6’4 guy can easily fit under it. It’s perfect for when it’s raining and we have to load. Oh, and there’s heated seats.”

Christopher Martin, Assistant Communications Manager, Mercedes-Benz Vans commented to Residential Systems:

“It offers significantly more payload, cargo capacity, and towing capacity than all of the current small vans on the market. For those contractors that do not need a full-size van but cannot live with the limited capability of the smaller products, the Metris is a perfect fit.”

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