Adelyte Bytes: Issue 12


Quote of the week:


"Client had guests this weekend and the fan in his cabinet quit. Rather than opening the door he placed 2 frozen chickens on the receiver to keep it cool. He forgot about them and last night while watching a movie one of them exploded. He said please dont tell anyone to which I replied "are you kidding" This is a number one story in my book now. I will keep your name out of it."
-From a Remote Central message board.



Jeff Williams is now the COO of Apple 


ProSource has aligned with Power Audio Video Group. 


5 Common Mistakes When Installing Video Cameras 


  • Not enough cameras
  • Poor positioning
  • It’s Not Totally Wireless
  • Forgetting the Password
  • No Remote Access


Click on the link to access ways to solve these problems!


4 Star Wars Home Theaters That Will Take Your Breath Away 


TiVo Adds Hulu and WWE Streaming Apps


23 Integrators Pledge to Fix Their Problems 

Jon Godbout, CEO, CCS Presentation Systems (2013 CI Integrator of the Year):

A seasonal challenge we at CCS face every year is the fourth-quarter slow-down. CCS is fiscally strong and responsible and, because we are fiscally responsible each year, we concentrate/focus on staying profitable during the last quarter of the calendar year — each year. In those years that the signs point to a slow fourth quarter, we just bite the bullet and concentrate on overhead issues like training, certification accreditation, getting our building dialed in, etc. I would be very surprised if most integrators don’t have the same concern about the fourth quarter.


Emily Dean of rAVe Publications made an infographic about wireless audio.


 If you're in the HOW market, read this article by Anthony Coppedge:

Church buyers are not idiots, though many of them could use some helpful education and insight. I can personally promise you that they’re not actually praying for your brand of projector, either, so stop the God-pitch. 

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