Adelyte Bytes: Issue 13


Harman Integrates with Google's Brillo

Harman has been picked as the first integrator for Google's Brillo and its Weave IoT platform. Harman will mainly be responsible for helping Google by supporting device manufacturers while they design Brillo and Weave-based products.

“We are excited to support Google as its first systems integration partner,” said Sanjay Dhawan, president of Harman Connected Services. “Harman will simplify the design process for manufacturers by providing support throughout the entire development cycle, ranging from initial concept design to final product release.”


AV Magazine published an amazing spread of all the hottest photos from CES 2016 last week. 

Who else wants to watch Batman or the Steelers on that screen?



Parrot Revealed the First Fixed-Wing Drone for Home Markets at CES

The drone is called "Disco", and can fly for about 45 minutes. It will be released later this year. 


CTA Named 2016 Mark of Excellence Award Winners at CES

The winners are...

Audio Product of the Year: Sony Electronics Sony STR-DN1060 Receiver

Automation Device of the Year: URC MRX-8 Compact Network Whole-House Controller

Best Education or Support Program of the Year: Bedrock Learning Online Training Courses

Control Product of the Year: Logitech Harmony Elite

Mark of Excellence Disruptor Award: Keyssa Kiss Connector

Energy Efficiency Product of the Year: LG Electronics EcoHybrid Heat Pump Dryer

Home Technology App of the Year: Roomie Remote Simple Control

Human Interface Product of the Year: Savant Remote

Installation Product of the Year: D-Tools System Integrator 2015

Lighting Control Product of the Year: Savant Metropolitan

Media Management Product of the Year: FIREFX Modular Media System

Motorized Product of the Year: Crestron QMT 3/5 Series Shade Hardware

Multi-room Audio/Video Product of the Year: Metra Home Theater Group M3B

Rack or Mount Product of the Year: OmniMount RE12W - 12U Wall Mount Rack System

Residential Security Product of the Year: Canary for the Canary Security System and Kwikset Signature Series Deadbolts with Home Connect

Speaker of the Year: Definitive Technology W Studio Micro Sound Bar System

Structured Wiring Product of the Year: Legrand Intuity

Video Display (TV or Projector) Product of the Year: LG Electronics Flat OLED 4K TV

Video Display Product of the Year (Screens): EPV Screens PolarStar eFinity ISF

Video Product of the Year: DISH 4K Joey

Wireless Product of the Year: Luxul XWS-2510 Wireless Controller Kit

Wireless Networking Product of the Year: Luxul AV Series

Custom Home of the Year (installed price between $50,000 - $150,000): Pure Custom Integrations for the Bluffs Project

Health and Wellness Project of the Year: Cybermation for the Avant-Garde Technology Liberation Project

Home of the Year Under $50,000: Advanced Technologies – Bonsignore Project

Home Theater/Media Room Project of the Year Under $50,000: Pure Custom Integrations for the Multi Display Family Time Project

Home Theater/Media Room Project of the Year Above $50,000: Electronics Design Group for the aptly named Home Theater of the Year Project

Innovation Award: SmartHouse Integration for the Sarasota Modern Project

Integrated Security Project of the Year: Futurian Systems for the High Security Hemp Project

Lighting Control Project of the Year: SmartHouse Integration for the Sarasota Modern Project

Luxury Home of the Year between $150,000- $300,000: Osbee Industries for the Classic Upper East Side Brownstone Project

Multiroom Audio/Video Project of the Year: Level 3 Audiovisual for the Saint Xavier University Project

Retrofit Project of the Year Under $50,000: Logic Integration for the Colorado Home Digital Upgrade

Retrofit Project of the Year Above $50,000: SmartHouse Integration for the Sarasota Modern Project

Specialty Project of the Year: Core Brands/eHome Lifestyle for the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Ross Home

Sustainable Project of the Year: Core Brands/Sakab Design for the Sunset Green Home

Ultimate Home of the Year above $300,000: Futurian Systems for the Ultimate Play House and Logic Integration for the Nature Preserve Colorado Project

Integrator of the Year Award: System 7 of Boston, Mass


I Really Am Working

Although attending community fundraisers, industry trips, and playing golf are fun, they're also about making business connections. These connections hopefully lead your company to more sales or collaborations, if you play your cards right. Here's who Jeff Gau of Marco decides which events to attend.

1) Determine if the event is purposeful and productive. If it's not, don't attend.

2) It's not all about selling. It's about showing people you really care about them- and therefore the things they care about. If a client or vendor invites you to a charity auction their hosting, show your support to them and go. 

3) Initiate conversations with a business related subject. Don't get stuck in small talk; it's a waste of everyone's time. 


CES Tech Fest is Really Important to Las Vegas—It's Also Really Not

CES has happened in Las Vegas in January for the last 38 years. It draws some 170,000 people from all over the world, yet often locals and other tourists have no clue it's taking place. They also have no clue what words like "oculus" or "CES" mean. That doesn't surprise Mr. Nieva and it doesn't surprise me. CEDIA is the same way and I suspect that other industries who have conferences are the same way. Nieva eventually meets up with Frank Cullotta, a former mafia hitman who was depected in Scorsese's Casino.

I wanted to ask an old timer about some of the new toys the tech companies, guests in his city for the week, are hawking. Virtual reality is a big deal this year, so I ask him to tell me what comes to mind when he hears the words "Google Cardboard," the search giant's made-of-paper VR headset.
"It means you're looking for cardboard and searching on Google to find it," Cullotta replies, with deadpan logic.
He says if he were 30 years younger and still in the game, he'd be a master of tech. "How do you think guys like us learned how to shut off alarms? It was all done by computers."


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