Adelyte Bytes: Issue 14


How Old Is Your TV?

Oldest TV on the list is from 1985.


8 Technologies That People Actually Need

1. One Remote to Control It All

2. Better Wi-Fi:

3. A Cord Cutting Solution

4. Music in the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Outside

5. Keyless Entry to the Home

6. Lighting Control

7. Better Sounding TV

8. The Perfect Streaming Device


Lutron Perfects Caséta Wireless Systems and Releases Smart Shades

The Caséta Wireless System now includes:


  • Expanded line of compatible thermostats
  • New controls for in-wall and in-ceiling lights
  • New ways to integrate Caséta Wireless with other connected home products


Lutron is also introducing the ability to control Lutron Shades through HomeKit enabled system. They’ve also created a new “neutral switch” which controls up to six amps of in-wall and in-ceiling lights or 3.6 amps of ceiling fan loads. 


A Good System is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Sometimes clients will ask you straight out why your product is $10 when they’re seeing it online for $8. This often leads to sellers not closing the sale, selling at a lower price, or asking their supplier for a discount.

Explaining the value that you and your company adds is often overlooked. “If there is a problem the integrator is ready to help solve the issue. If there is a need for service, the integrator can arrange it and often provides it. Also the integrator helps by making sure that the pieces combine to form a cohesive system.”

...One does not go into a car dealership and say, “I can get less expensive wiper blades elsewhere so don’t put them on; I also can get less expensive tires so I won’t buy them from you but I want you to install them and not charge me for the labor.” Sounds absurd when said that way. However, that is the challenge many firms face. Remind people that they are buying a solution, a system, and not individual parts. As an integrator do not shy away from explaining the value you add and how some of the decisions were made.

A well designed system is truly greater than the sum of its gear.



Best Behavior on the Jobsite

Professionalism is not only about doing your best, but presenting your best self to others. This means maintaining a standard of being cleaned, well-groomed, and in clean work clothes can make a great first impression. Especially when many others don’t do it.

There’s more subtly ways to be professional though. Don’t park in clients driveways. The obvious reason for this is to not block them from their driveway. The subtle reason is because you’re most likely driving your work van on truck, and it would be unfortunate to have and oil leak on their driveway. It would be especially unfortunate if their driveway was an expensive dressed stone or textured pebble and worth 10K.

Most importantly: treat your clients home better than your own home. Leave no trace of you or your work behind. 

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