Adelyte Bytes: Issue 15

Brendan Eich Invented JavaScriptNow He’s Onto the Ad World

With his new company, Brave, Eich is hoping to change the ad industry. With Brave, advertisers will pay the browser market instead of paying publications and advertising networks. Rather the system will work without contention and litigation is yet to be seen.


Christa Bender Has Started Her Own Podcast 

Bender, Sales and Marketing at Applied Video Technology, has started her own podcast. It will air under rAVe and it’s called “Tech Chaos”


23 Photos That Will Make Anyone Who Works in AV Satisfied


Home Automation Manufacturers Respond to Nest Malfunction Leaving Users in the Cold

When Julie Jacobson asked Jon Fischer if Aprilaire had faced similar issues as the Nest freeze, he gave her a list of the top 6 things to look for when purchasing thermostats.


  1. Designed and manufactured by an HVAC company
  2. Has a common wire: A thermostat with a C-wire (or common wire) does not rely on batteries being charged, but is powered via 24 volts.
  3. Stand-alone operation: First and foremost, a thermostat needs to control the HVAC system. When a firmware upgrade is pushed to update a thermostat, you should ensure no changes will be made to how the thermostat controls the heating and cooling system.
  4. Works with all control companies: if or when you do change manufacturers it can be easier and less expensive for the end user if you find a thermostat that works with all or most control systems. [Aimed directly at dealers, obviously]
  5. Local internet communication: Find a thermostat that communicates directly to your automation system.
  6. Automatic humidity control: Automatic humidity control monitors the outside temperature and adjusts indoor humidity levels to prevent condensation on windows and other harmful effects of too much moisture.



4 Outsources Roles to Make Your CI Company Look BiggerAnd Make More Money


  • Call Answering Services
  • Publicists and Marketing Firms
  • Proposals and Drawings
  • Accountants and Bookkeepers



What’s Sharp Going To Do?

Foxconn and Japan’s Innovation Network Corp. are in a bidding war to buy Sharp. Rumor has it that they owe the banks $4B within the next 90 days.



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