Adelyte Bytes: Issue 19


Silicon Republic made this cool infographic about IoT



Every Lego Fans Fantasy Room



This rAVe Podcast Tells You How to Sell AV Products 

1) Know people 

2) Know accounting


How Are Baseball Teams Using Technology This Season?

All 30 baseball teams will now have iPad Pro’s in thier dugouts and bullpens. 


DISH Customers Can Now Stream Netflix 

Netflix's catalog of Ultra HD TV shows and movies are now available to stream from a Hopper 3 DVR. 


URC Introduces the HomeSet Remote

The new remote integrates with Z-Wave products and goes for $299 MSRP. Despite the lower price points, customers will need to hire out for professional installation.


Lutron Is Now Hooked Up to Alexa

Lutron has integrated its Caséta Wireless system with Amazon’s Alexa. Director of Product Management, Matt Swatsky, says:

“Asking Alexa to control your lights is undeniably powerful and can simplify things like coming home with arms full of kids, pets, and groceries. For some people, this technology restores the freedoms once taken for granted—like freely moving about to alter the lights. Smart home products are not just about the wow factor anymore—they’re about changing peoples’ lives.”


Nortek and Partner

Nortek and have partnered to launch the new 2GIG GC3 home security and automation system. Nortek will now help sell’s Skybell WiFi doorbell camera. 


AV Nation's AVWeek Episode 241: The Anti-Dinosaur



What will #AVTweeps Think of Screening Room?

Sean Parker, founder of Napster, is on to his next company: Screening Room. After buying a $150 console, owners will be able to watch new movie releases right at home for $50 a pop. Hollywood is deeply torn over this product. Directors like Spielberg, Abrams, Jackson, and Scorsese have expressed support of Screening Room. On the flip side, Nolan, Shyamalan, Cameron have all expressed disapproval of the service. Forbes writer, Adam Faze, says:

Instead of conceding the fight against “instant,” studios and exhibitors should be putting their focus into reinventing what it means to see a movie in theaters. Together, they need to remake the theater-going experience just that: an experience. Give audiences a reason to pay the higher ticket price.Especially to Generations Y and Z, studios need to be bold and explain to audiences what can and can’t be seen at home on day one.

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