Adelyte Bytes: Issue 20

Azione Members Told That a Recession is Coming

GenX (born between 1965 and 1979) contains 54 million people, which is small in comparison to the much larger generations like Baby Boomer's and Millennials.

"What do you think will happen when there are 17 million fewer people spending money … the economy will decline. The U.S. economy will not return to its current spending levels until 2033, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.” —Tim Costello, President/CEO of BDX


Crestron Leases a New Office in the Plano/Dallas Area

250-300 staff are scheduled to move into the new office space in July.



IMAX Just Got Physical

The first IMAX spin class will be available in the Brooklyn neighborhood, Dumbo. The first ride starts at $31.


LG To Launch First OLED screens with Dolby Vision HDR This Summer

“Dolby is talking about having 50 movie titles available in Dolby Vision HDR this year,” says Home Entertainment product manager Robert Taylor. “It’s working with five different Hollywood studios. Netflix has also agreed to produce content in Dolby Vision HDR. Dolby is really confident that its standard is going to be widely adopted by movie studios – that’s its advantage, it’s already integrated.”



Does anyone know of any secret passageway home theaters? Email me at if you do!


Tom LeBlanc Talks Honestly About Video Content 



CEDIA Promotes Dave Chic

CEDIA has promoted Dave Chic to the senior director of industry relations. Chic’s major task will be cultivating relationships that will benefit from working with a CEDIA professional. Chic joined CEDIA in 2006.


Clark Gwiswold Would Never Approve of These Landscape Laser Light Projectors


Crestron Reports Record Breaking Attendance at Masters

Nearly 700 people participated in Crestron Masters in NYC this past April 12th-14th. Crestron celebrated four Diamond Level Master Programmers, including:


  • Jim Pope, Technical Director, Applied Global Technologies
  • Tom McLaughlin, Director of Technical Operations, Dobil Laboratories
  • Jon Ottesen, Director Cloud Solutions, Crestron Electronics
  • Steve Swartzentruber, Senior ATSG engineer, Crestron Electronics



Residential VS. Commercial




No Matter Your Thoughts on Open Source, Read This


Open Source Director at Facebook, James Pearce, Talked to Forbes

"When we’re deciding whether to open source something in the first place, that’s one of our key criteria: to make sure that the team that is launching it is not going to just throw it over the wall and forget about it but will continue to interact with the community and continue to support the technologies once they launch. One of the arguably unique aspects of our open source program is that we only open source the projects that we’re using in production... If you look at some large companies and the projects they have on (code repository] GitHub, you’ll get hackathon projects and engineers doing this or that on their own time. We’re very happy for people to do hackathon projects, but our main open source portfolio is literally the Facebook stack [software platform]." —James Pearch

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