Adelyte Bytes: Issue 39

Posted by Johnnie Sanchez on 2016-12-04

John Miller, an Audio Enthusiast and Sales Director, Passes Away

John Miller, an audio lover and the Eastern Director of Sales at GoldenEar Technology, passed away this Tuesday after a coronary incident that occurred while he was looking for stereo parts. Miller, who was present at September’s CEDIA expo for the world debut booth of GoldenEar, was sixty two years old. Before his work with GoldenEar, John worked with the company Definitive Technology as the Vice President of Sales. He is survived by his wife and their son.


What Didn’t Arrive in Time for Black Friday

Drones have been increasing in popularity recently, and a lot of people predicted that they would be a big hit for the holidays this year. However, two of the most anticipated drones were not ready for Black Friday. The GoPro Karma and DJI’s Mavic Pro have experienced setbacks. Karma was recalled after reports of malfunctions, and GoPro has required that all units be returned for a full refund. Meanwhile, people who have already ordered the Mavic Pro have not received the drone, and now it seems that it won’t be arriving until January of next year. For those who are still interested in owning a drone, try looking into Parrot’s Beebop 2 and Yuneec’s Breeze. Neither of them have the advanced AI of the Mavic Pro, but they are cheaper than both the Mavic Pro and the Karma.


Ditto Has Been Discovered in Pokemon Go

I may have mentioned this before, but I am a huge Pokemon fan. So, of course, I play Pokemon Go. Like many other players of the AR game, I was a little disappointed to discover that not all of the Pokemon from the first generation were available for capture. But, as of the 23rd, one of the missing Pokemon is now ready to be caught! Ditto, the Pokemon with the ability to shapeshift, has been spotted! There is a catch (no pun intended) to this new update: a player has to catch a lot of Pidgeys before Ditto appears. Given that Pidgey is one of the easiest Pokemon to locate, it shouldn’t be too long before everyone has at least one Ditto. Best of luck to everyone!


Disadvantages to Facial Recognition Technology

My dad thinks he’s so cool because his new phone doesn’t require a password to unlock. Instead, it performs a retina scan that recognizes the user and allows access. But what my dad doesn’t know is that there are some drawbacks to facial recognition software. For example, there are no federal laws to govern the use of facial recognition technology (except in Texas and Illinois), so there is nothing to protect the user from incidents involving anonymous video analytics algorithms. These algorithms are designed to identify and recognize human faces just from the eyes and mouth. They would be ideal for getting past retina scans. Just be careful!


Marantz Debuts Portable Headset Audio Amplifier

Looking for an interesting gift for the holidays? The new Marantz PHA-3 Stereo Field Production Headphone Amplifier is equipped with three independent headphone feeds, switchable stereo and mono operations, and the ability to drive headphones to high levels at audiophile quality with low distortion. It is the ideal product to use for companies involved in the A/V business.

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