CEDIA Twitter Round-Up


I started the #sexycedia hashtag as a fun way to promote and connect with businesses through social media at CEDIA.

21st Century quipped back at the #sexycedia hashtag. Stay tuned for our conversation with Vanessa Zitzmann of 21st Century and other women within the industry on what they thought of #sexycedia and #CEDIA15. 

And Women in AV loved it.

Others played along...






I received a DM from one of the girls there saying:



Pan Tech Design was there with their Crestron powered R2-D2.


FACT: Victoria Ferrari knows what she’s doing.

Jennifer Willard launched her first podcast!


Alex Steed commented on this tweet:


Z-Wave Alliance captured Mitchell Klein and Steve Thompson enjoying a brew at Z-Wave’s 10th Anniversary Beer Bash.


On-Q Home Systems showed off their baking skills.


Fibaro caught this photo of Richard Gunther and DMZ talking about their new products.


Leon Speakers watched the Michigan football game from their booth.


Jason Knott caught Coleen Sterns Leith taking a break from the madness.


There were some pretty speakers.


Code Creative kept us up on the news taking place outside of CEDIA.


And people gave their opinions on CEDIA’s branding. Here, here.


Can we all agree that our diets suffered?




Heather Sidorowicz from Southtown gave an awesome shout-out to Snap-AV.


John Sciacca took a picture of his adorable daughter, Lauryn, posing by an entire family of Dish Hoppers and Joey’s. So cute!


Shenanigans at the #AVTweetup.


The Women in CE ate some breakfast.

And broke some records while they were at it.

New CEO of CEDIA, Vincent Bruno, announced that #CEDIA15 saw growth in every facet.

And others said it was the best or busiest show they’ve ever been to:












And DailyDOOH awesomely covered social media reach.

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