Could TV Really Die?

Leonard Suskin writes about the possible death of TV in rAVe publications and breaks his thoughts into sections.


1) Experience, Viewing Angles, and Content:

The size of a TV is often determined by size of the room and what a person’s budget is. Suskin also compares the degrees to which TV’s and tablets differ. A TV could possibly only fill nine degrees of one’s vision, compared to 18 degrees from a 10’ tablet right in front of you.


Commercial installations can cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if that was to be replaced with tablets, it would cost roughly $7k.

2) TV is Communal:

Watching TV is an American pastime. The family watches TV together. Unless, of course, a family has multiple tablets, which they most likely do.

3) Are Large Displays Dead?

Suskin votes nay. Large displays still create a wow factor that a tablet simply can’t. However, he does point out that technology moves so fast that this may not even be relevant next year.

Adelyte works closely with Electronic Home, a home entertainment store. *************************** of their revenue comes from TV’s and setting them up. For the foreseeable future, people are going to want 65" flat screens. To stop using them would be an odd regression.

In a time when so many things pull us apart—work, activities, travels, separate iPad’s—it’s nice to know that we can all get together at the end of the day and watch “American Ninja Warrior” on our 50" TV.

In the same breath, we have to face the fact that TV sales have lost steam lately. So what can we do to make tablets better?

Can we promote buying 3D enhancements?

Can we make tablets that smell like popcorn and send messages to your mom/wife/least favorite child to make said popcorn?

Can we create a device that records TV on tablets?

Why aren't cable company’s making cheap packages available for the tablet user?

The smart home industry needs to realize that tablet’s are here to stay, and we need to start making enhancements for them that are just as good as TV’s enhancements—or someone else will.


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