Part 3b: Poland Based Top Hi-Fi Chimes in With Their Best $30k Theater


Wojtek Iwan contacted us on twitter yesterday in response to part three of our home theater series. He was upset with the theaters, and I asked how he would make one.  


Below is his response. What do you think, #AVtweeps? Would you want to install any of these six theaters in your home? Tweet or email us at


Top Hi-Fi & Video Design

I'm not an installer, just a dealer, so I don't do this normally. I usually only provide the pieces to other people who then put them together into a complete system.


That said, I do believe what I've prepared here provides a much better value for money by eliminating stuff that really doesn't belong in a cinema-focused $30k system, but were forced upon us by the dealers you've been in contact with for the sake of profit.



Last thing before we take a look - keep in mind I do not work in USD, and prices for some of the things I used here were taken from EU brochures and converted into USD. They may be more expensive, or, more likely, even cheaper in the US. [Top Hi-Fi & Video Design is a chain of 13 dealers in Poland].




3x B&W CT 7.3 LCRS as our Left, Right and Centre

4x B&W CT 7.5 LCRS as our Surrounds

2x B&W CCM 7.5 as our Front Heights


2x B&W CT SW15

I do not know how big the room we're preparing this for is, so I went with the biggest, baddest boys out there. Also, two subs are mandatory. You can't do this properly with just one sub. You'll get uneven bass throughout the room with just one.

1x B&W SA1000 - amplifier for the subwoofers


Yamaha CX-A5100


Yamaha MX-A5000

Audio Total: ~$18,500



Epson TW9200W ~ $3,400 (I love this thing)

Projector Screen:

The screens a bit of a problem for me. Again, we've got different brands in the EU... But, if I was in the US, I'd probably go for VuTec's SoundScreen. Not sure about it's price, but we should be at or under $2,000. Going for the soundscreen, because nothing beats sound *actually* coming out of the screen.

Video Total: ~$5,400



Oppo 105D

Sources Total: ~$1,500



 I don't do "Control". But if I did, roughly $2,000 would be the maximum amount of money I'd spend on controlling this thing.

Control Total: ~$2,000


Interconnects and Power Conditioning:

$1,000 in Audioquest cables should be all you need here. A lot's going to depend on room size and where you want your electronics to sit.

I'm not going to endorse any specific power conditioning products, as we've obviously got different power in the EU, so different products. I'd use about $600 for power conditioning, as did some of the other guys.

Interconnects and Power Conditioning: ~$1,600

Total: about $29,000

Depending on whether we actually need 15" subs or could do with smaller ones, or if we could get by with a simpler control system, this total could go down noticeably.

Whatever money is left in our budget should go towards room treatment.

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