Part 3c: How to Build the Best Home Theater for $30,000—Or “That Budget Sucks”—Survey Responses


A couple of weeks ago we released Part 3 of our How to Build the Best Home Theater for $30,000—Or “That Budget Sucks” series. At the end we asked you to vote on your favorite home theater. We were thrilled to receive 371 responses back! 261 came within the first 24 hours of publicizing the post, so responses came pretty fast from #AVtweeps, most likely through twitter. 

Below are the results analyzed, courtesy of SurveyMonkey. Joe Cook's system from Magnolia Design Center of Colorado Springs, CO, lead the pack with 38% of the votes. Magnolia spent significantly less than every other dealer on combined sources and control expenses, using only $1,200 of his $30,000 budget on them. 

Magnolia also spent more than triple on interconnects and conditioning than three of his fellow competitors, putting $5,600 towards them. These are absolutely fascinating results when you consider that interconnects and power conditioning are often called the "snake oil" of the AV industry. What do you think? Email ( or tweet us your thoughts!




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