Sexy CEDIA Awards


Perfectionist goes to Curtis Lewis from Wired Tech Group.


Cutest Foreigners goes to Somfy’s employees who were there from France.


Best Hair goes to Emily from Lutron.


Best Guys to Play Golf With goes to George De Marco and Michael Harrison.


Cutest Couple goes to Bjorn and Julina Jensen of Why Reboot.


Sexiest Man goes to Michael from Lowire.


Funniest Tweet's goes to Steve Greenblatt.



Best Production Team in Attendance goes to Knack Factory.


Cutest Glasses goes to Delia Hansen of Clare Controls.


Craziest Guy goes to Bill from security.


Dream Marketing Team is tied between Danne Dzenawagis and Dan of Leon Speakers and Kimberly Lancaster of Caster Communications.



Coolest Business Cards goes to the Marketing Matters team (they're the size of a coaster and clear!).


Kindest Eyes goes to Robert of numerous different companies.


Best T-Shirt goes to one of EH Environments employees wearing a “Sandlot” t-shirt.


Most Magical Salesperson and Writer goes to Emilyann Girdner of The TV Shield (she writes fantasy books!).


Best Outfit goes to Anthony from Decibel AVA- what a character!


Sexiest Heels goes to Julie Jacobson of CEPro.

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