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10 Memes to Soothe You When You're Trying to Figure Out Bad Code

Posted by Johnnie Sanchez on 2016-01-05   You've been banging your head against the wall with a coding project. Or worse, someone else's whack coding project. Take a break from it and sooth your soul with memes that completely get the hell you're in. My favorite meme is #8! What's yours? Tweet us your favorite!   1. So disturbing.   2. *Shrugs*   3. When someone destroys your masterpiece.   4. What you're thinking while fixing some amateurs code.   5. *Squintie eyes*   6. Come out come out wherever you are!    7. He ain't joking.    8. PREACH.   9. But remain confidant!   10. And always remember:

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