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Gary Kayye Features Adelyte on rAVe

Posted by Johnnie Sanchez on 2016-03-02   Gary Kayye wrote a piece on rAVe today that accompanied his podcast with Wes Hatchett, our CEO. Click here to read the rest!        Many Crestron programmers write good code. The real power of Crescendo Framework is in the open-source community surrounding it. Everyone can download the code, run the demo, edit the modules and make contributions.      The Crescendo 2.0 demo ships with Crescendo Cloud, the first and only Cloud dashboard for Crestron control systems. “The Loft” features an interactive floor plan of the residence described in the scope of work. In addition, the dashboard provides a wealth of information about processor run-time statistics including a text console for debugging. In less than ten minutes, the...

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Jason Knott Features Adelyte on CEPro

Posted by Johnnie Sanchez on 2016-03-02   Jason Knott, Editor-in-Chief of CE Pro, just interviewed our CEO, Wes Hatchett.      Knott kindly spotlighted the release of our new and improved Crescendo 2.0 framework.      Adelyte, an Atlanta-area Crestron Service Provider (CSP) started in 2005, has introduced Crescendo 2.0, an updated version of its open-source framework for programming Crestron control systems in SIMPL Windows for the Crestron platform.     The free program, which sits on Github, is designed to create a scalable program with features and data control found in refined systems—with a lot of heavy lifting done for the integrator. Crescendo is a fully-modularized framework—not a pre-defined program with complex folders of nested logic symbols. It provides the building blocks to deploy programs that precisely...

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