Why Are Wireless Microphones Attractive in the Boardroom?

Posted by Johnnie Sanchez on 2016-11-28

Author: Christa Bender

Do you ever wish that you could include audio conferencing in your meetings without the hassle of connecting a bunch of cables? You are not alone in your desire to simplify and remove the amount of visible cables from your boardroom.  Fortunately, there are wireless conferencing solutions that allow you to host professional-sounding audio meetings in any meeting space.


Cut the Cable


Professional wireless conferencing systems allow you to bring your device to the boardroom and connect via Bluetooth or DECT to incorporate wireless audio conferencing into your meeting. What is DECT? Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is used in wireless phone systems. You simply pair the wireless microphone to the corresponding base unit with an electronic handshake to pair them together. Once the handshake is accepted, you are ready to use the system.


Bluetooth and DECT can be used together in a wireless microphone system. You would use DECT to pair the remote wireless microphones to the base unit. Then you would use Bluetooth to pair your smart device to the wireless microphone.


Now you are able to incorporate wireless audio conferencing in your meeting!


Choosing a Wireless Microphone


There are many wireless microphone solutions to choose from. A key factor to help you pick your solution is knowing how many meeting participants you want to connect to the call. If you have a small conference room that seats 6-8 people, that solution will be different than a large boardroom that seats 24 people.


A great example of a wireless microphone solution is the Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless. With the TeamConnect Wireless, you can accommodate up to 24 meeting participants plus a desk phone, mobile phones, or laptops in your web or audio conferencing meeting.


The TeamConnect Wireless can be stored in the transport case that also doubles as a charging station. When you are ready for a meeting just remove the four microphone units and place them on the table as close to the participants as needed. One of the four units acts as the master to the three satellite microphones. Once the four microphones have been paired together, you simply connect your device via Bluetooth, audio cable, or USB to allow your device audio to be a part of the meeting. The TeamConnect Wireless supports multiple audio channels simultaneously, which allows meeting participants to join an ongoing conference at anytime by connecting another device.


How many times have you been in a meeting where you or the other participants are searching for the call-in number? With the ability to use your mobile phone in a wireless conference call, you never have to waste time looking for a phone number again. You are able to call it up quickly on your mobile phone and launch the call right then and there.


This solution also allows remote conferencing participants more flexibility in participating in an audio call - if they are away from their desk or out of the office, they can use their mobile phone to call into the meeting easily without having to sit in a traditional conference room to be a part of the meeting.


Working with a professional systems integrator will help you determine the best wireless microphone solution for your meeting space needs.

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