Yahoo! Weather

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A free weather module for Crestron control systems. Yahoo! Weather reports current weather conditions and forecasts for today and tomorrow.

Program Integration

This module is compatible with both 2-Series and 3-Series processors. The demo is provided with a 3-Series program and an XPanel ready to launch. In addition to the data obtained from the weather feed, the module provides several useful inputs and outputs.


Pulse to request an update from the weather server.
Accepts the system time in minutes past midnight and the module will update at its defined update frequency. The system time in this format is available from the included time module.
Temperature Sensor
Optional. Accepts the local outdoor temperature in degress Fahrenheit or Celsius and overrides the current temperature for the default location.


Provides the time of sunrise and sunset at the default location in minutes past midnight.
Provides the latitude and longitude of the default location in a format acceptable to the astronomical clock symbol. This output is nonvolatile; if the processor reboots, the outputs will provide the most recent data obtained.


The control processor needs access to the Internet and properly configured DNS servers. Test both by pinging Yahoo! using the ping command.

PRO2> ping
Remote Node ( is alive

Presets are stored in nonvolatile memory. On 2-Series processors, NVRAM must be configured. Check the status of the NVRAM file system using the nvramdisk command.

PRO2> nvramdisk
NVRAMDISK: NOT initialized

If the NVRAM file system is not enabled, enable and format it using the nvramdisk and nvramclear commands.

PRO2> nvramdisk 128k
WARNING: This command will erase all your files on the NVRAM.
Do you want to continue (Y or N)? Y
NVRAM filesystem successfully initialized to 128K

PRO2> nvramclear
WARNING: This command will erase the contents of NVRAM Program space.
Do you want to continue (Y or N)? Y


Contact [email protected] with any additional questions regarding this module.

Open License

The weather module is free software dedicated to the Public Domain. Anyone is free to use, modify, and distribute it. There are no site licenses or activation charges.