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Adelyte is an elite team of software developers with a uniquely open approach to Crestron programming and consulting.

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As a Crestron Services Provider, we are renowned for beautiful UI, clean code, and finished projects. We work with integrators and end-users to provide elegant, approachable interfaces for residences and organizations.

CSP: Crestron Services Provider
Crestron Master Programmer - Silver
Crestron DMC-E
Open Source

Open Source

Free as in freedom, we release project software under the LGPL and other work to the Public Domain. Anyone is free to modify and distribute our work.

Open Source


We maintain all project resources using version control—SVN, Hg, or Git depending on the situation. We share everything with Dropbox.

  • Subversion
  • Mercurial
  • Git
  • Dropbox
Published Pricing

Published Pricing

One rate for on-site and off-site support. Integrators and end users pay the same rate and are eligible for the same prepaid discounts.


Crescendo is our free software framework for programming reliable and robust control systems in SIMPL Windows for Crestron. It creates scalable programs with features and data control found in only the most refined systems—with a lot of heavy lifting done for you.

    Gallery 1 home ipad
    Gallery 1 home iphone

    A beautiful Home screen presents users with easy to understand navigation options and system overview information.

    Gallery 2 room ipad
    Gallery 2 room iphone

    The Rooms list allows users to choose a new room to control, and shows the power state for all rooms.

    Gallery 3 watch ipad
    Gallery 3 watch iphone

    The dynamic Watch list shows a room's video sources, and tells the user if other rooms are using the same source.

    Gallery 4 tivo ipad
    Gallery 4 tivo iphone

    Source pages provide clean, ergonomic controls for all major functions.

    Gallery 5 sharing ipad
    Gallery 5 sharing iphone

    Share TV or music sources with other rooms, activate area music scenes and adjust room or area volumes inside the Sharing menu.

    Gallery 6 lighting ipad
    Gallery 6 lighting iphone

    Dynamic keypads deliver maximum flexibility for users and programmers alike!

    Gallery 7 climate ipad
    Gallery 7 climate iphone

    Easily configure access to some or all thermostats on each Crescendo interface. Supporting third party thermostats is made simple with clear and concise programming and graphics resources.

    Gallery 8 security ipad
    Gallery 8 security iphone

    Security keypad emulation delivers a familiar interface for arming and disarming a home. Crescendo makes it easy to build additional zone reporting and access controls into the Security feature.

    Gallery 9 shutdown ipad
    Gallery 9 shutdown iphone

    Turn off the selected room, set a timer or toggle the room lights. At the end of the day, shut down the entire system.