Crestron Programming Can Be Easy

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Crescendo is the only free and open-source framework for programming reliable and robust control systems in SIMPL Windows for the Crestron platform. It creates scalable programs with features and data control found in only the most refined systems—with a lot of heavy lifting done for you.

Under the Hood

The Crescendo Demo is built according to the Scope of Work.

Customizable Interfaces

The demo interfaces are examples of how users can interact with Crescendo. Advanced programmers can create their own interface logic to support any design concept while harnessing the power of the framework.

Dynamic Views

Titles, menus, and lists use indirect text and can be changed without reloading graphics files, which dramatically decreases the time it takes to deploy end-user customizations.

Easy Extensions

Crescendo modules link easily with other pieces of code. Modules expose many useful (generally optional) inputs and outputs for data like volume feedback and state changes.

Quality Control

Crescendo programs are slim and organized by design. Tight crosspoint routing, low signal overhead, and single points of data entry for configuration all contribute to compiled programs that can be trusted even for off-site deployment.

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How well does Crescendo scale?

Crescendo is ready-made for projects with multiple integrated control processors. Reasonably sized defaults are a good fit for almost every project, but there is nothing to keep an advanced programmer from, say, expanding the Switcher model from 64 to 128 inputs.

Who maintains Crescendo?

Crescendo is an open-source project hosted on Github. Adelyte maintains the core set of modules, but other developers are encouraged to get involved in every aspect of the project. Anyone can sign up with Github and issue a pull request on any module in the framework.

How much does Crescendo cost?

Crescendo is free like beer and free like speech. It is licensed under the LGPL.

What are the ramifications of the LGPL?

We cannot provide legal advice, but our intention is that customers receive the source code to their projects.

Where did Crescendo come from?

Crescendo is the production framework underlying every project Adelyte programs. Through years working in large residential systems we have left projects with code that Intermediate programmers can maintain and support. The framework has been used in its present form since early 2010.



Adelyte uses Crescendo exclusively. Our bread-and-butter is providing turn-key software development for large, complex control systems. We are happy to answer support questions and work as a team-extension. Contact us for help of any sort.