The Area model controls and maintains state for two or more Room models.


Area models maintain power state and provide one-way control of associated rooms. An area usually corresponds with a physically related rooms, but it can be used any time simultaneous control of two or more rooms is desired.

For example, a kitchen, breakfast nook, and family room are open to one another, forming a "great room" area. These rooms can be controlled independently with the room models or together with the area model.


Configure the Name and ID parameters. The area name can be anything. The room ID should use a two-digit, zero-padded hexadecimal number between A1 and A9 (A1 or A9). This keeps the area ID from conflicting with roomIDs and keeps the area out of the rooms list in Rooms-Sources Controller. Advanced programmers may choose to ignore this general rule.

Configure the rooms parameter as one or more escaped ascii ids between and>\x01, \x99, or \x01\x99). If there are no rooms, there is no need to have this model in the program.

Configure the Lights, Shades, and Climate parameters using two-digit, zero-padded numbers between 1 and 99 (01 or 99). If the parameter is not used, use 0 instead (00).

Configure the Default Source parameter use a two-digit, zero-padded number between 1 and 99 (01 or 99). This is the source that will be set on the rising edge of the Power_On/Off and Power_On inputs.

Inputs and Outputs

Input Output
Source_ID~ String  
Power_On/Off Pulse  
Power_On Pulse State Power_On_Fb
Power_Off Pulse State Power_Off_Fb
Volume String  
Volume_Up State  
Volume_Down State  
Mute Pulse  
Mute_On Pulse State Mute Fb
Mute_Off Pulse