The Climate model controls and maintains state for thermostats and other climate-controlling hardware with which Crestron integrates.


Exactly one climate model is associated with exactly one thermostat in the smw. The Climate model maintains power and feedback state and provides both CHV-TSAT controls and full generic controls, facilitating the ability to easily dictate, increment, and decrement heat, cool, and humidifier setpoints, in addition to dictating heat, cool, fan, and humidifier modes.

The ID parameter specified in the Climate model can be entered as the climate parameter in the Room model, making that Climate model instance (and thus its associated physical thermostat) the default for that room model (meaning that thermostat automatically appears when the Climate button is selected while that room is selected).

Feedback includes heat and cool setpoints as well as heat/cool, fan, and humidifier modes. The Climate model also supports "call" signals from the Current System State slot (Slot-04) on the Cresnet device to receive additional feedback. In addition, the Climate model has signal slots for device extenders, namely serial TX~ and RX~ signals for a scheduler, to send to all, and to tell all to run/hold.


Simply link the signals on the CHV-TSAT Cresnet device to the signals on the Climate model with the associated prompts (i.e. SysModeHeat input on CHV-TSTAT device links to Mode_Heat output on Climate model and the associated feedback SysModeHeat_F output links to Mode_Heat_Fb input).

Configure the Name and ID parameters. The Climate Name can be anything. The Climate ID should use a two-digit, zero-padded number between 1 and 99 (1 or 99).

Inputs and Outputs

Input Ouput
  Pulse Heat_Setpoint_Up
  Pulse Heat_Setpoint_Down
  Pulse Cool_Setpoint_Up
  Pulse Cool_Setpoint_Down
  Pulse Auto_Setpoint_Up
  Pulse Auto_Setpoint_Down
Mode_Heat_Fb State Pulse Mode_Heat
Mode_Cool_Fb State Pulse Mode_Cool
Mode_Auto_Fb State Pulse Mode_Auto
Mode_Off_Fb State Pulse Mode_Off
Mode_Aux_Heat_Fb State Pulse Mode_Aux_Heat
Fan_Mode_On_Fb State Pulse Fan_Mode_On
Fan_Mode_Auto_Fb State Pulse Fan_Mode_Auto
Heat_Setpoint Analog Analog Set_Heat_Setpoint
Cool_Setpoint Analog Analog Set_Cool_Setpoint
Auto_Setpoint Analog Analog Set_Auto_Setpoint
Regulation_Temperature Analog  
  Pulse Humidity_Setpoint_Up
  Pulse Humidity_Setpoint_Down
Humidifier_Mode_Is_Auto State Pulse Humidifier_Mode_Auto
Humidifier_Mode_Is_Off State Pulse Humidifier_Mode_Off
Humidity_Setpoint Analog Analog Set_Humidity_Setpoint
Regulation_Humidity Analog  
Calling_Heat_1 Pulse  
Calling_Heat_2 Pulse  
Calling_Aux_Heat Pulse  
Calling_Cool_1 Pulse  
Calling_Cool_2 Pulse  
Calling_Fan Pulse  
Calling_Humidifier Pulse  
Calling_Slab_Heat Pulse  
Scheduler_RX~ String String Scheduler_TX~
Send_To_All_RX~ String String Send_To_All_TX~
All_Run/Hold_RX~ String String All_Run/Hold_TX~