Crosspoint Routing


Crosspoint Routing

Crosspoint routing is used extensively throughout the framework. Crosspoint connections are made through parameter associations with all the complexity kept inside modules.

Magic Crosspoints:

  1. System Initialized
  2. Audio Source Selected
  3. Video Source Selected
  4. Power Off
  5. More

    Systems Initialized

    Audio Source Selected

    Video Source Selected

    Power Off


    Crosspoint ID Schema

    Crescendo uses semantic crosspoint routing IDs consisting four hexadecimal digits encoded as [SELF TYPE][OTHER TYPE][SELF ID].


    Control IDs

    # Control Target Route
    1 Rooms Room 10[ID]
    1 Area Room 11[ID]
    1 Room Audio 12[ID]
    1 Room Video 13[ID]
    1 Room Source 15[ID]
    4 Switcher Source 45[ID]
    5 Sources Source 50[ID]
    6 Lights Light 60[ID]
    7 Shades Shade 70[ID]
    8 Climates Climate 80[ID]
    9 Touchpanel Room 91[ID]
    9 Touchpanel Source 95[ID]
    9 Touchpanel Device 99[ID]
    A Controller Rooms A1[ID]
    A Controller Sources A5[ID]
    A Controller Lights A6[ID]
    A Controller Shades A7[ID]
    A Controller Climates A8[ID]
    B Remote Room B1[ID]
    B Remote Generic B9[ID]


    Equipment IDs

    # Model Route
    1 Rooms 1000
    1 Room 10[ID]
    2 Audio 20[ID]
    3 Video 30[ID]
    4 Switcher 40[ID]
    5 Sources 5000
    5 Source 50[ID]
    6 Lights 6000
    6 Light 60[ID]
    7 Shades 7000
    7 Shade 70[ID]
    8 Climates 8000
    8 Climate 80[ID]
    9 Generic 90[ID]