The Lights collection aggregates and registers the existence of the Lights Keypad model instances to be made globally available to all room model instances through the magic crosspoint-routing that is the backbone of the Crescendo framework.


The Default Lights parameter of the Lights collection supports the two-digit, zero-padded hexadecimal ID of just one single Lights Keypad model instance configured in the program. Suppose the ID 02 is used. Then any room model whose Lights parameter is specified as "" will receive as its default Lights Keypad the one with ID 02.

^Yeah that's false, I just checked a program I did lights for -- the demo needs to not use "". All Lights Keypads are made globally available to all room models through the dynamic crosspoint-routing magic that the minimalist architecture of Crescendo facilitates among interfaces, sources, and switchers, entirely through room models.



Simply enter the IDs of the Lights Keypads model instances to be globally accessible, delimited by \x (i.e. \x01\x02\x05). The signals themselves can be commented out unless you are building some custom stuff.



The Lights parameter of a room specifies the ID of the Lights Keypad to be made the default Lights Keypad model for that room.

Inputs and Outputs

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Light Exists
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