Lights Keypad


Lights Keypad

The Lights Keypad model controls and maintains state for logical lighting keypad and its scenes.


Exactly one Lights Keypad model is associated to exactly one logical lighting keypad.

A logical lighting keypad has lighting scenes and toggle buttons (with LED feedback indicators) to control the power-state of those lighting scenes. A Lights Keypad model maintains power and feedback state of the lighting scene presets belonging to the logical lighting keypad to which that particular model instance is associated. Feedback will always be high when any load in a scene is active. Each button press will toggle the state of that lighting scene, always taking a partially-powered scene to completely off before another press then activates the scene. Selection of lighting scenes can be made from touchscreen interfaces or screen-lacking interfaces such as HR-150 remotes.

A Lights Keypad model belongs to one or more Room models. Thus, the lighting scenes you choose to give to a logical lighting keypad ought to control loads belonging to the physical-realization of the Room model(s) to which the Lights Keypad model under consideration belongs.

Note: A Lights Keypad does not "belong" to a Room model, rather its ID can be provided as a parameter to one or more Room models, thereby specifying that Lights Keypad as the default for that room or rooms (meaning when the "Lights" interface icon is selected while that room is selected, the pop-up page will automatically open that room's default Lights Keypad).


Link the Press_01 ... Press_15 output signals to the button-press inputs on the lighting equipment device in your program. Likewise, link the Indicator_01_Fb ... Indicator_15_Fb input signals to the feedback output signals on the lighting equipment device in your program.

Configure the Name and ID paremeters. Name can be anything and should reflect the room(s)/area(s) containing the loads that are controlled by the scenes on that Lights Keypad. The Lights Keypad ID should use a two-digit, zero-padded number between 1 and 99 (01 or 99). The Label parameters are the names that will appear on their respective scene-preset buttons.


All active loads of a Lights Keypad can be incremented or decremented by 1% by selecting the + and - buttons, which occupy buttons 11 and 12, respectively.

Inputs and Outputs

Input Output
Show_Raise/Lower State Pulse Raise
Status_On_Fb State Pulse Lower
Indicator_01_Fb … Indicator_15_Fb State Pulse Press_01 … Press_15