The Switcher model controls and maintains state for a logical component having audio/video inputs (and potentially having a logical output).


Switcher models maintain power, source, and input state and provide flexible configuration options that give precise control of how the module responds to each source selection it receives. They manage power on and off routines, map sources to inputs, and control volume. Separate switchers should be used for each independent input/output mapping.

Specific switcher models such as Crestron CNX-BIPAD8 are present in the demo program to show specific extensions like default volume.


Configure the Name and ID parameters. The switcher name can be anything. The switcher ID should use a two-digit, zero-padded number between 1 and 99 (01 or 99).

Configure the Warm-up Time in standard Crestron time format (0.0s or 10.0s). The Warm-up Time is the delay between the power on command and the first input change.

Configure the Volume Control parameter as None, Absolute, Relative, or Fixed. A switcher volume control type and source type is used by room models to determine whether the audio zone or video zone will have volume control.


Ignores volume changes. This differs from Fixed only for documentation purposes.


Ignores volume changes. This differs from None only for documentation purposes.


Provides complete two-way volume control including volume up, down, and level.


Provides one-way volume up and down control. Attempts to set a volume level will be ignored.

Configure whether an input command will be selected every time a source is selected or only when the source differs from the selected source. Sending the input command always is useful when the switcher can be changed directly by the end user.

Configure Sources for Power Off parameter as one or more escaped ASCII IDs between 01 and 99 (\x01, \x99, or \x01\x99). If there are no sources, use two double quotes (""). This functionality is useful when an end-user wants a display to turn off when an audio source is being used.

Configure the Sources for Input parameters as one or more escaped ASCII IDs between 01 and 99 (\x01, \x99, or \x01\x99). If there are no sources, use two double quotes (""). It is normal for multiple sources to be assigned to the same input.

For example, a television with input HDMI 1 connected to a Crestron DM-MD8x8 matrix video switcher would have every source configured on the matrix switcher assigned to HDMI 1 on the television.


  • Rooms controlling the same switcher(s) will not sync with the switcher source.
  • Device feedback for power and mute state are not fully implemented.

Inputs and Outputs

Input Output
Source_ID~ String Analog Source_ID
Power_Fb State State Powered
  Pulse Power_On/Off
  Pulse Power_On
  Pulse Power_Off
Volume_Is Analog String Volume~
Volume_Control_Is Analog Pulse Volume_Up
  Pulse Volume_Down
Mute_Fb State State Muted
  Pulse Mute_On/Off
  Pulse Mute_On
  Pulse Mute_Off
Input_Is Analog Analog Input
  String Input~
  Pulse Input_01 … Input_16