The Touchscreen interface module controls and maintains the logical state for a touchscreen device such as a Crestron touchpanel or Apple iPad/iPhone.


Exactly one Touchscreen module is associated with exactly one Crestron App instance. This module manages the current users selections such as room and source. Many of the signals on the Touchscreen module are directly linked to smart graphics button presses. This is done dynamically through the ID-switching and cross-point routing systems built into the Crescendo framework so that subpage reference lists (such as watch or listen lists) populate dynamically based on current user selections.

The Touchscreen interface module acts almost like an EIC between the Crestron App instance and the program, receiving user button presses as input and outputting the button press feedback.

It is through Touchscreen interface module that the crescendo program framework receives instruction to make and break crosspoint connections and drive dynamic lists, all as a result of user interface button presses.



Configure the Name and ID parameters. The Touchscreen name can be anything. The Touchscreen ID should use a two-digit, zero-padded number between 1 and 99 (01 or 99). Default Room accepts the same type of parameter as does ID and the two-digit, zero-padded number between 1 and 99 that it receives should be the ID given to the Room model in which the physical iPad/iPhone/Crestron touchpanel associated to this logical Touchscreen interface model will most often reside or to which it will be assigned.

App URL 1 through 5 parameters denote the apps to be launched in the case that this Touchscreen interface module instance is associated to a physical iPad. Example formatting for App URL 1 and 2, respectively: music:// (move cursor down to next parameter) sonos://

Inputs and Outputs

Complete documentation on interface signal joins can be found in the Join Standard. 


Through the "[App_URL$]" and "[Open_App]" signal slots, the Touchscreen module handles the program's awareness that the Crestron app has been launched. This interface module also handles configurations information for having the iPad open other apps (such as the app for a third party security or climate control system) through the signals "[Open_App_01]" through "[Open_App_05]," so up to 5 apps can be linked for launching (and when launched a button in the top left will allow the user to effortlessly navigate back to the Crestron app).

Inputs and Outputs

Input Output
Route~ String Pulse Initialized!~
Set_Default_Room State  
  Analog Default_Lights
  Analog Default_Shades
  Analog Default_Climate
Address_1_Connected State  
Address_2_Connected State  
Open_App_1 State String App_URL$
Open_App_2 State Pulse Open_App
Open_App_3 State  
Open_App_4 State  
Open_App_5 State  
Enable_Share State  
  State Room_Has_Video
  State Room_Has_Audio
Power_On/Off State  
Power_On State State Power_On_Fb
Power_Off State State Power_Off_Fb
Power_Subpage_Show State State Power_Subpage_Showing
Power_Subpage_Hide State  
Sleep_Cancel State  
Sleep_In_30_Set State State Sleep_In_30_Active
Sleep_In_60_Set State State Sleep_In_60_Active
Sleep_In_90_Set State State Sleep_In_90_Active
Sleep_In_120_Set State State Sleep_In_120_Active
  State Volume_Subpage_Showing
Volume_Up Pulse  
Volume_Down Pulse  
Volume_Slide Pulse  
Mute State State Mute_Fb
Mute_On State State Volume_Control_Is_Absolute
Mute_Off State State Volume_Control_Is_Relative
  State Volume_Control_Is_Area
Source_Digital_001 … Source_Digital_198 State State Source_Digital_001_Is … Source_Digital_198_Is
Source_Cursor_Up Pulse  
Source_Cursor_Down Pulse  
Source_Cursor_Left Pulse  
Source_Cursor_Right Pulse  
Source_Cursor_Select Pulse  '
Source_Guide Pulse  
Source_Info Pulse  
Source_Menu Pulse  
Source_Exit Pulse  
Source_Play State State Source_Playing
Source_Stop State State Source_Stopped
Source_Pause State State Source_Paused
Source_Scan_Forward State State Source_Scanning_Forward
Source_Scan_Back State State Source_Scanning_Back
Source_Skip_Forward Pulse  
Source_Skip_Back Pulse  
Source_Record Pulse  
Source_Page_Up Pulse  
Source_Page_Down Pulse  
Source_Number_0 Pulse  
Source_Number_1 Pulse  
Source_Number_2 Pulse  
Source_Number_3 Pulse  
Source_Number_4 Pulse  
Source_Number_5 Pulse  
Source_Number_6 Pulse  
Source_Number_7 Pulse  
Source_Number_8 Pulse  
Source_Number_9 Pulse  
Source_Number_Enter Pulse  
Source_Number_Clear Pulse  
Source_Channel_Up Pulse  
Source_Channel_Down Pulse  
Source_Channel_Recall Pulse  
Source_Back Pulse  
Source_Red Pulse  
Source_Green Pulse  
Source_Yellow Pulse  
Source_Blue Pulse  
Source_List Pulse  
Source_Live Pulse  
Source_Format Pulse  
Device_Digital_001 … Device_Digital_198 State State Device_Digital_001_Is … Device_Digital_198_Is
Control_Source Pulse  
Change_Source Pulse  
Page_Home State State Page_Home_Showing
  State Page_Source_Showing
  State Page_Device_Showing
Hide Menus Pulse  
Room_Menu_Show State State Room_Menu_Showing
Listen_Menu_Show State State Listen_Menu_Showing
Watch_Menu_Show State State Watch_Menu_Showing
Sharing_Menu_Show State State Sharing_Menu_Showing
Lighting_Controls_Show State State Lighting_Controls_Showing
Shade_Controls_Show State State Shade_Controls_Showing
Climate_Controls_Show State State Climate_Controls_Showing
  State Source_Controls_20_Showing … Source_Controls_48_Showing
  State Device_Controls_51_Showing … Device_Controls_68_Showing
Source_Extra_71_Show … Source_Extra_84_Show State State Source_Extra_71_Showing … Source_Extra_84_Showing
Device_Extra_86_Show … Device_Extra_98_Show State State Device_Extra_86_Showing … Device_Extra_98_Showing
  Analog Room_Route
  Analog Source_Icon
  Analog Room_Icon
  Analog Source_Route
  Analog Lighting_Route
  Analog Shades_Route
  Analog Climate_Route
Volume Analog Analog Volume_Fb
  Analog Mute_Mode
Source_Analog_001 … Source_Analog_010 Analog Analog Source_Analog_001_Is … Source_Analog_010_Is
  Analog Source_Analog_011_Is … Source_Analog_198_Is
Device_Analog_001 … Device_Analog_010 Analog Analog Device_Analog_001_Is … Device_Analog_010_Is
  Analog Device_Analog_011_Is … Device_Analog_098_Is
  String Room_Name$
  String Source_Name$
  String Device_Name$
  String Sleep_Message
  String Volume$
  String Source_Serial_001_Is … Source_Serial_198_Is
  String Device_Serial_001_Is … Device_Serial_098_Is